Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've recently started watching "The Voice" on NBC and have to say what a phenomenal show it is. Judging someone on their TALENT rather than their APPEARANCE seems so obvious and yet so intangible. In a society where everything is based on the superficial, often amazing people are overlooked because they don't fit into a certain "mold."In essence...judging a book by its cover. (See Susan Boyle).

Recently I went to visit a client that I had been working with for quite a while. As I made my way to the appointment, I envisioned what I might encounter when I walked through their glass doors...Pin drop quiet offices, with SUPER cerebral individuals discussing Quantum Physics and what Apple would do now that Steve Jobs was taking another leave of absence. I expected a lot of mahogany and forest green and stockings (and maybe even a pocket protector or two). And I pictured fashionably challenged executives with little to say to my effervescent, tabloid reading, reality show watching self.

To say I could not have been further from the truth would be an understatement! The minute I set foot inside their office, I was greeted by the warmest receptionist I have met in a long time. Well spoken and enthusiastic, it was obvious she was thrilled to be in their employ. And it only got better from there. To say this company is a well oiled machine is an understatement. Each person I met, regardless of title or tenure, was more intelligent, put together and congenial then the last. As I moved from meeting to meeting, I realized how far off my perception was from their reality. Together, these employees bred success. They were all part of the greater good and their company's success was proof. It was a wake up call for me and truly defined the age old problem of PERCEPTION vs. REALITY.

It reminded me that it's important to give things a chance and not judge based on rumor, gossip or someone else's perception. Here was a company that is the BEST at what they do...and they are in an industry that has TOUGH competition. And yet the candidates that I was presenting were completely off base. Not to say I wasn't presenting excellent candidates...but I was basing it on MY perception of the company rather than THEIR reality. Seeing the "man behind the curtain" opened my eyes and completely changed the way I source candidates for them.

My past experiences have afforded me tremendous opportunities at companies my candidates would die to work for. But the reality of these "sexy" places were that at the end of the day they were all jobs. And even with all the perks and fun things they offered, I'm not at those jobs anymore for a reason.

I really learned a valuable lesson that day and it's one that I will remember and in turn instill in my candidates moving forward. In the end, it's so important to pick a job that's right for you. Sometimes your perception is so far from their reality that you need to remember to choose a job based on it's voice...not it's appearance.

Good night and happy job hunting,
The Job Yenta

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