Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So now that I'm half way through 50 Shades for the SECOND time (after finishing all three in a mere six days), I have spent many hours trying to figure why I, like most of America, am obsessed with Christian Grey and all that he brings to the lemon polished, red leather table. I've had conversations with my girlfriends, searched the Internet for anything "Grey" related, and as mentioned, am reading the trilogy again. And here's what I've come up with...

I'm a hopeless romantic. I love to love and I love BEING loved. When I drift off into lala land, Jake Ryan on the glass table, John Cusack with the boom box, Richard Gere climbing the fire escape, Judd Nelson embracing the diamond earring all flash through my head (clearly I'm also obsessed with 80s rom coms, but that's for a different blog). Yes, the sex between Mr. Grey and Miss Steele is ridiculously hot and erotic, but when I was 21, it was pretty good too (minus the flogger of course). But it's the deep sense of respect, love and passion that he has for her that truly draws me in. To be that passionate about someone (or something for that matter) is amazing. Every time she feels alone, endangered or scared, he's right there - copper highlighted hair, white linen shirt, silk tie and all. Everything he does is to protect, provide and honor her in a way so few ever get to experience. Now granted, 24/7 security, her own company and a wardrobe that rivals Anna Wintour's are all material things that should not hold meaning. This coupled with the fact that they are young and he's FILTHY rich, make for a great read...but for some reason, I believe that if he was poor, he would find other things to lavish her with that weren't material.

So how does 50 Shades relate to the job world? (Because in between daydreams, I know that this is what my blog is about) word - PASSION. When I was little, my father always said, "If you LOVE what I do, you will never work a day in my life." It's a phrase that has always stayed with me and 11 years into my career I completely understand why. Think about it...if someone told you that you would spend 50 hours/week doing something you didn't like (or worse HATED), you would look at that person like they were CRAZY. Waking up every morning and going to a job that you dislike, it about as pleasant as the prep for a colonoscopy...

Every day I meet someone who hates their job and wishes they could make a change. I look at them and say, "Why can't you?" Change, while scary, can truly be a great thing. Obviously there should be some thought in your next move. And while you might not be able to do what you love (hence why I'm not training dolphins at SeaWorld right now), you can certainly embark on a path to something you like and/or interests you. Think outside the box. Really ask yourself the hard questions...What interests me? What am I good at? Can I afford to make the change? If the answer to the last questions is, "YES," then you really have nothing holding you back. Make a PROS and CONS list. Talk to everyone you know. Use the Internet to research what your passionate about. Maybe you want to make children's clothes. Or perhaps you love doing makeup. Or a calculator and anything numerical gets your blood pumping. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to go after it. And do it before it's too late. As Randy Pausch said in his now famous, "The Last Lecture," achieving your childhood dream is something you can do! Whether you do it at 15 or 50, don't give up on doing what you love. And if you're lucky enough to make money in the process, well then, GOOD FOR YOU. One of my old bosses always said, "Say YES...and then figure out how to do it." And I always keep that in the back of my mind when embarking through uncharted waters. Truth is, after 39 years, I haven't come across something I couldn't do...only what I was afraid to do.

So thank you E.L. James for creating Mr. Grey. His take no prisoners attitude toward his professional life, coupled with his deep love for Miss Steele and the family that saved him, inspire me. Love, passion and commitment do exist out there...if you can't find them, create them. Then work hard to maintain them. And remember, you get what you always tackle life head on with reckless abandon. While it may not be easy, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Have a Great Day and Happy Job Hunting,
The Job Yenta