Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The other day, I had a candidate interview with a very high profile client of mine and before she would commence the interview, she asked the COO to sign a confidentiality agreement. That's right...SHE (the candidate) asked HIM (the potential employer) to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT. If I was my client I would've looked her right in the eye and said, "Honey, I don't give a shit where you worked, nor do I care." Needless to say, they passed.

It's amazing how after 10 years in the business (LONG years I might add), candidates never cease to amaze me. If you think Charlie Sheen's lost his mind, spend six months recruiting and you'll apply to be his intern. He's got NOTHING on the crazies I deal with. Back in the day, when I was looking for jobs, my goal was to GET them...but for some reason that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Candidates have their own agenda and most feel they are in the driver's seat. They can say what they want, do what they want and these employers will bow down and beg them to come work at their companies. One turned down a final interview at a hedge fund because the job started at 7:45...but when I asked her if she would interview for another fund where the job started at 8, she was TOTALLY on board. If my Swatch is working correctly, That's FIFTEEN minutes...what on earth could you possibly do during those 15 minutes that you would rule out a six figure job with full benefits and free lunch? If you take out your clothes the night before and put your lip gloss on on the subway, you're golden...15 extra minutes just for you! There are people STARVING out there...what the hell are you thinking?

Another wouldn't interview for a job that wasn't within a 10-block radius. Now "geographically undesirable" is a prerequisite for employment...are you fucking kidding me? We just came off the WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS since the depression, and you can't take the subway? What happens if they close a street for a fair...you going to take a personal day? The stipulations, demands and restrictions that candidates place on their job searches are unbelieveable. I understand that you may not be desperate for a new position, but when you make it near impossible, you may as well not look at all.

The other day I was meeting with a wonderful candidate and she asked me why it was better to look for a job when you have a job. The answer is simple...when you start your job search it's usually for one of four reasons - you're unhappy, there's no room for growth, you want more money or your company is having issues. But as long as you're employed, you're not desperate. This is the MAIN difference between someone who is employed and looking for a job and someone who is not. When you are employed, you have the comforts of a paycheck and a place to go every day while you look for something better. Companies are enticed by the idea of "stealing" someone away because they can offer them bigger and better. The unemployed are at a disadvantage because companies know they need a source of income and many will take the next best thing that comes along...whether they want to or not. Most of my clients don't want to see extended lengths of time between jobs as it could indicate laziness or lack of drive which are big turnoffs to potential employers. At the very least, you should be temping. If you are unemployed, cancel your cable, padlock the liquor/candy cabinets, burn your sweats and get your fat ass off the couch. The best way to make yourself marketable is to keep up your skills, find temp work within your said profession and make finding a job a full time job.

If you think about it, most of the changes you've made in your life were powered by one of two feelings...Inspiration or Desperation. If you are a conscious, living, breathing adult, there is no reason to wait for the latter. Inspiration exists all over the place. On TV. In magazines. On the web. In the park. Even from the person sitting next to you on the subway knitting (if you've had a burning desire to make a sweater). And when you do get inspired, MAKE the change. We are our worst enemies and if we only make changes when we are desperate, Jenny Craig will have an endless choice of Kirstie Alleys.

Good Night and Happy Job Hunting,
The Job Yenta

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