Saturday, March 26, 2011


Every so often one of my fabulous former candidates will reach out and ask, "How's the market?" To which I always ask..."What are you making?"

Recently, a candidate answered as follows - "...well my base is $140K plus I make a 30% bonus..." After I picked myself up off the floor, I told her, "Retire there!!!" But if you decide to leave, here's MY resume. I know there's a bit of curiosity in all of us, and nothing would make me happier than pulling her out, placing her somewhere else and then refilling her spot. But my conscience just can't do it. Sometimes the grass, instead of being greener, is dead and covered in dog shit!

I know it's hard to see a good thing when you've been in a job for a few years as curiosity can definitely get the best of us. And unfortunately when it does, and you decide to leave for bigger and better, sometimes you wish you hadn't. I've had quite a few candidates leave jobs after 5+ years and never find that same job again. Unfortunately they are looking for that comfort on day one that took FIVE years to establish.  More money may equal a new wardrobe OR...more therapy sessions! It's important to realize that just because the silver lining is wearing a bit, it doesn't mean you can't polish it and make it look pretty again. In other words, the evil that you know is ALWAYS better than the evil that you don't!

So what else can you do when you get antsy at a job and wine and cheese is just not quelling it? If you work for a large company where opportunities are posted internally, you should always be scanning for something enticing. Companies LOVE to hire internally as it's a money saver for them and they already know your shortcomings (and love you in spite of them). Talk to the HR executives within the organization and explain why you want a new position. Now remember, this is not for those that have worked for 6 months and feel like they are "ready for a promotion." Those people need to do a 180 and march right back to their desk with a hot latte for their boss and get back to work. This is for those people that have really reached the ceiling on their position and while they LOVE the company, they are a bit bored with their day-to-day responsibilities. Often times HR is THRILLED because you just made their job that much easier.

If you work for a small company or an individual and/or you've truly hit the proverbial glass ceiling, commit to making a move...but CHOOSE WISELY. Tell everyone you know that you're looking. Work with a few recruiters that you trust and be explicit with them with regards to what you want (and more importantly, DON'T WANT). And leave no stone unturned. The web is a wonderful resource and provides a plethora of options for the savvy job seeker. But most importantly, carefully weigh out the pros and cons of what you're looking for and make sure you're next move is the right one. Because at the end of the day, the right decision could be to stay put...and it's important to realize a good thing when you have it...right Brian Dunkleman????

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