Monday, April 25, 2011


In today's day, 99% of job application is done through cyberspace..
Google company.
Find website.
Search job board.
Send resume.

I'm often asked, "Should I put a picture of myself on my resume?"To which I usually respond, "Not if you want to get hired!" Photos are really unnecessary and often times inappropriate for your resume. I know it's the "thing to do" in Europe, but more often than not, the pictures are very mug-shotesque and scare me more than entice me to interview you.

Granted, I've had QUITE a few laughs when people do include photos. Like the girl laying on a couch smoking a cigar. Honey, the only job you're going to get hired for pays hourly. Resumes should depend on the written not necessary. Your physical appearance is not going to win brownie points with the potential interviewer. If anything, it could turn them off if you put the wrong picture(cue the candidate who sent a very voluptuous picture of herself...needless to say, BOOM BOOM didn't get too many interviews). Unless you're applying to work at Coyote Ugly, these pictures are better left in your significant other's people still do that?

And on the other side, job postings that require a picture are most likely situations you don't want to explore (unless you're a model or actress and a head shot is required). Potential employers should not place your appearance at the top of their hiring pre-requisites. And while some employers may have other specific requirements besides your resume, a picture of you should not be one of them.

Speaking of specific requirements...many of my clients these days are requesting a NYC address. All of a sudden, they are discriminating against the suburbs. New Jersey, Long Island and Westchester not good enough for you? We have feelings too! As someone who breaks out in hives when she has to take public transportation, I wish I didn't have to commute to NYC either, but to think someone wouldn't t hire me because I was geographically undesirable is ridiculous. Metro North, NJTransit and the LIRR have a 75% accuracy rate...that's better than the weather people! And Al Roker has DOPPLER! Candidates from the suburbs are more relaxed, don't think taxi horns are melodious and actually give directions to foreigners. The burbs soften us to the hardships of the concrete jungle, so feel free to open your doors and let us commute in. Just think...we are on a the MINUTE. Not many New York City residents can say that - subway troubles, rainy day=NO cabs, or the President's in town and they can't get past midtown. Commuters come into the city and stay underground...nothing stops them. There is no such thing as a geographically undesirable candidate...just a misinformed executive. Great candidates live all over the tri-state area so don't be afraid to take a chance on a station wagon and a dream. I won't be sorry you did!

Good night and happy job hunting,

The Job Yenta   


  1. You had me until you started hating on Manhattan. Born and raised, baby. :o)

  2. not hating on manhattan AT the big apple. just don't understand why companies are prejuidice against those in the burbs!!! :)